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KOUNCIL is a collaboration between the UMC Utrecht, the Radboudumc Nijmegen and the UC London. Below you will find an overview of the KOUCNIL researchers per center. For inclusion of nephronophthisis patients, we collaborate with all university medical centers in the Netherlands.

In Utrecht  

For research questions

Prof. Dr. N. Knoers

Drs. M. Stokman

Dr. K. Renkema

Dr. R. Giles

For clinical questions

Dr. M. Lilien

Dr. A. van Eerde

Dr. H. Kroes

In Nijmegen  

For research questions

Dr. H. Arts

Dr. M. Schmidts

Ing. M. Oud

Dr. R. Roepman

Dr. J. van Reeuwijk

S. Dusseljee

For clinical questions

Dr. N. van de Kar

Dr. E. Bongers

In Londen

Prof. Dr. P. Beales

Dr. S. Christou-Savina

Drs. J. Nazmutdinova

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