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The KOUNCIL study

The KOUNCIL study is scientific research investigating the genetic background and the disease mechanisms underlying the kidney disorder nephronophthisis. On this website, you will find information on nephronophthisis, the KOUNCIL study and how you can participate. KOUNCIL is funded by the Dutch Kidney Foundation

The KOUNCIL consortium is a collaboration between the University Medical Center Utrecht, the Radboudumc Nijmegen and the University College London (UK).

The KOUNCIL study has been completed. The results have been published in scientific journals and can also be found on this website under 'Current events'. The Nephronophthisis Registry that was created as part of the KOUNCIL project will be maintained for a few more years. We would like to thank all patients and parents of patients who participated for their contribution to this research!


Prof. Dr. Nine Knoers
Clinical geneticist
University Medical Center, Utrecht

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